Best Type of Mattress – to Sleep On

Best Type of Mattress – Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial when it comes to leading a happy and balanced life. It is scientifically proven that the right amount of ZZZ’s is directly correlated to the way we feel and operate as human beings. Think about it – have any of you ever felt drawn, irritable and lacking in concentration? I know I have. Let’s flip the coin – how do you feel after getting the recommended seven to nine hours of shut-eye? Great, right?

There are many tips and tricks out there on how to hack yourself to a better night’s sleep. But I want to start at the beginning because none of those other ideas, no matter how promising and effective, will work if you don’t spend the night on a suitable surface that is the right one for you.

It’s like with anything we purchase nowadays. We need to do our research. And trust me when it comes to your mattress that can cost anything between a few hundred to thousands of Dollars, you will be happy you did. I like to visit to get my ideas.

First things first! It is beneficial if you know what’s right for you regarding firmness and size. Both of them depend on you personally. Say you are 6’3, you need an extra-long mattress so that your feet aren’t poking out the other end. And when it comes to firmness, it all depends on personal sleeping preferences and whether you suffer from back pain for example.
Soft: this version is best for the nighttime movers-and-shakers. In other words, if you start sleeping on one side and switch to the other, ultimately ending up on your stomach and back again you need a sleeping surface that adapts to this.

Medium: Here the same goes as before. Something that molds to the shape of your physique is the way to go.

Medium to firm: All you back sleepers out there, this is the one for you. It offers the optimal support to the lower back and still has room for body-shaping.

The highway: a firm mattress is for those of you that sleep on their front, are slightly on the heavy side or suffer from back pain. In short, mattress firmness negates sinking – the primary cause for back pain.

Pocket spring mattress – This one’s generally considered the luxurious option because it is made up of individual small springs lodged in natural fabric pockets that move independently. This breathable option comes in soft, medium and hard varieties. The pocket spring is the way to go for couples because of the weight dispersion attributes that allocate the optimal support for both parties individually. Small, reminder – this mattress is full of natural materials so it can aggravate allergies.

Open spring mattress – I won’t go into too much detail here because this alternative is better suited for guestrooms or for kids because they don’t do well under constant strain and need replacing a lot as the continuous coils suffer due to usage. However, if you are on a budget, it might be the one for you.

Memory foam – this is the most modern type of mattress made of temperature-responsive, moldable material that have hypoallergenic qualities. If getting a little hotter than usual at night is not a problem, this one is the ideal choice for those of you who suffer from back pain because the surface will align your spine and keep your back warm.

Latex mattress – Latex is an extremely breathable and durable material. Also, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and if you prefer to sleep on a firmer surface. Another benefit is that the latex mattress offers excellent support for the back.

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